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TEDx Talk

Schools as Spaces for Change

Charlotte Frey

What if the better future we are trying to build already exists, in places we aren’t looking? This talk will take us onto a journey into elementary classrooms to show how schools are working

as laboratories of social change,highlighting the potential of public education to strengthen democratic institutions and social cohesion in an increasingly stratified society. We will learn how recognizing the abilities and potential of children, institutions and ourselves, rather than focusing on

weaknesses, can drive innovation on a personal and public level.


Charlotte Frey, dedicated teacher and social entrepreneur, is a co-founder of CLIMB, which develops

new approaches to teaching children and adults. Since 2012 CLIMB has won many social entrepreneurship

prizes and is growing steadily and opening new branches around Germany.


TEDx Talk

What Can We Learn by Observing Proteins Directly in the Cell?

Simon Ebbinghaus

If you thought proteins concern only hens and bodybuilders, you are dead-wrong! Today scientists know that protein folding and aggregation are associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s. So to fight those diseases we have to know more about thebehavior of proteins than making scrambled eggs. How do proteins behave in our cells? What can we learn from that? How to prevent illness-causing protein behaviour? This talk will teach us what

recent research has discovered by exploring protein folding, misfolding and aggregation directly in cells.


Junior-Prof. Dr. Simon Ebbinghaus teaches Physical Chemistry at the Ruhr-University Bochum. He is a researcher at RESOLV Cluster of Excellence.


TEDx Talk

The Importance of Preserving

Memories for Future Generations

Ruth-Anne Damm

“Silence ensures history repeats itself.” In the light of resurgent right-wing extremism in Germany and other countries, it becomes apparent that remembering the terrible lessons from the darkest chapter of German history is more important than ever before. That said, most of us probably agree: history

in school can be a drag. But how can we engage the youth of today in the crucial discussion about our history? Fewer and fewer eyewitnesses of the Holocaust are alive and able to share their experiences. So how can we preserve memories of the past efficiently? How can the lessons from the past

be passed on to future generations?


Ruth-Anne Damm is one of the founders of “Heimatsucher e.V.”, a society that preserves the personal experiences of holocaust survivors and passes those on to the youth. “Heimatsucher e.V.” started as a student project in 2010. Today the society has won many prizes and has more than 100 members.


TEDx Talk

Bringing Clean and Green

Water to Those in Need

Ganesh Muren

We do not need to tell you this: water is essential for life on our planet. Most of us just stop by a tap or buy a bottle in the supermarket. But there are many rural and marginalized regions of our world where water is scarce - especially clean, drinkable water. Those in need often lack the technology and resources necessary to attain affordable and clean drinking water. Moreover, water provision is not only an economically, but also ecologically challenging matter. Can technology

solve the problem? And how does ecologically sustainable water provision work?


Ganesh Muren has a background in mechanical engineering and has won numerous product and entrepreneurship awards both locally and internationally. Ganesh is the founder and the current CEO of the social enterprise Saora Industries, which delivers a solution for sustainable, affordable and environment-friendly drinking water to those in need. can overcome them.

TEDx Talk

The Most Creative Tool in the

World (and Why I Hated it First)

Tobias Hübner

Programming skills are among the most sought-after qualifications in today’s job market. However, coding is still considered by many to be either too difficult to learn or too geeky to be cool. So, what to do about that enthusiasm gap? How to show kids (and everybody else who likes play better than work) just how much fun programming can be? Enter gamified learning! And, rather than merely tell you how learning coding skills can be gamified to make it cool, this talk is going to actually show it to you – by programming right in front of your eyes. Sit back and enjoy the ride!


Tobias Hübner is a trainer at Codingschule Düsseldorf, a school that teaches programming skills to kids and adolescents, and focuses on Raspberry Pi, Scratch and Python. He also blogs extensively about his experiences as a coding teacher and his passion for programming and education.


TEDx Talk

Taking Problems into

Your Own Hands

Jakob Schön

Everyone wants to change the world. But most of the time the hardest part of it is getting started! How do you apply your own vision to improve our world? Often, we feel too small and ineffectual to have a real impact on problems. We tell ourselves that we lack experience, money, time, you name it - and in the end, we never start anything. This talk shows you how you can start from scratch and build your own solutions, even though you are not an influential politician or a world-known expert.

Get your hands dirty and get started! Hearing about the many deaths of people trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, in 2015 Jakob Schön decided to “get started”. Today, his vision of a volunteer maritime salvage team has become reality. He is the founding chairperson of “Jugend Rettet e.V.” (‘Youth Rescues’). With its own boat IUVENTA the organisation has already saved more than 2000 lives. When he was 19 years old, Jakob Schön became active in building a better world. 3 years later, his effort against distress at sea serves as an inspiration to many.


TEDx Talk

How New Kinds of Lasers

Shape Our Future

Clara Sarazeno

“If you were offered $1000 to go an entire day without interacting with lasers, do you think you could

do it? What if you also couldn‘t use anything that had been built with the help of lasers?” At first glance that might not seem that hard. But a laser physicist would most likely not take this bet, knowing in advance that this “day without lasers” would certainly be a very uncomfortable day, without smart-phones, internet, computers, flat screens and DVDs - laser-fabricated machines not even included. Lasers are an essential part of our day-to-day lives, whether we know about this or not. In particular, one specific type of lasers has in the last decades revolutionized many fields of science and technology: the so-called ultrafast lasers. This talk will shine light on the two following questions: what is an ultrafast laser? and what is it so good for?


Dr. Clara Saraceno’s research focuses on pushing ultrafast laser technology to new limits to open new applications: from the biomedical field to advanced manufacturing techniques or fundamental studies in physics and chemistry, the new lasers are an enabling technology for science and industry.

Dr. Saraceno is a professor for Photonics and Ultrafast Laser Science at Ruhr-University Bochum and researcher at RESOLV Cluster of Excellence. can overcome them.


TEDx Talk

From Hackers to

Founders to a Better World

Christian Zenger

When we think of hackers, most of us might still think of the kind of stereotypically nerdy criminals we know from Hollywood movies. But times change and today the skills of former hackers have become an important asset in developing solutions for securing sensitive data. Moreover, as the digital

world is expanding beyond our laptop screens to our cars, keys, houses and many more aspects of our daily lives the need for digital security is now bigger than ever. This talk will take us along on the unlikely journey of a group of hackers who ended up founding a company together.


Dr. Christian Zenger is Co-founder & CEO of PHYSEC GmbH and lecturer at the Ruhr-University Bochum. He develops security and privacy solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.


TEDx Talk

The Future of Humanity Embraced

by Artificial Intelligence

Florian Schild

How can we use technology to create a promising and meaningful future? And why do we lose people‘s sense of belonging, in a time when we are technologically more closely connected than ever before? What distinguishes artificial intelligence from human intelligence – what makes us human? How do we have to shape our education system for a world where our present work can be largely taken over by machines? How do we get smart machines to exist in harmony with us and our cultures? Can artificial intelligence help us build a better world? These are some of the most important questions posed by the advent of more and more powerful AI technology. Let us find solutions that allow smart machines and people to coexist in a world that is conducive to our environment and our human well-being.


Florian Schild is an expert in artificial intelligence, international entrepreneur and valued business partner for innovation, creativity and change in the German-speaking part of Europe. Among other things he is conducting research on high-level artificial intelligence projects for Siemens and the German

air force.


TEDx Talk

How Empowering Body

Language Can Help You to

Reach Your Goals

Laura Klimecki

One cannot not communicate, said Paul Watzlawick. We communicate the whole time, even when we do not talk. Although communication skills are required in most jobs nowadays, we pay little attention to the way we communicate with each other, especially by using our body.

This talk will teach us how our body language directly affects others in our daily lives. It focuses on the business world and how women especially can use their body language to improve their standing.


Before Laura Klimecki became a communication consultant, she worked as a project manager, while also doing research at university. Her main aim was to create a training that helps employees to present and represent their companies, their products and their services in a crisp, yet intelligible way.

Laura Klimecki has been working for medium-sized companies, universities, training centers, political organizations, medical centers, start-ups, and individuals.




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